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{catching up… two years worth!}

all of our regular customers know that we are first busy wives and mothers.  after all the taxi service, meal service, cleaning service, bookkeeping service, etc. that we offer to our families… we work regular jobs.  between the three of us there are two nurses, two teachers (one former), one bookkeeper, and two pastor’s wives.   then we mix in volunteering and serving and many side hustles (republican party committees, workforce development projects, singers and musicians in church, vitamin shoppes, vintage resale ventures, etc.).  after ALLLLL of that, we enjoy squeezing in photography work as a creative outlet.  we take on a VERY limited number of weddings and family sessions annually and usually try to fit in 2-3 rounds of mini-sessions each year as well.  needless to say, the blog seems to be the last thing we get around to updating.  over the next few days, we’ll be updating the blog here with some of our recent work (last two years!).  first up… kristin + daniel. 

{past due}

there’s no other way to say it.  we are way behind at updating our blog and we apologize!  we have a habit of posting our work on facebook and forgetting to make our way back to the blog to share here.  we resolve to do better in 2015.  (bearing in mind that very few people keep their new year’s resolutions!)

with that being said, over the next few days, we will attempt to catch up by posting sneak peeks from the work we’ve done since spring of 2014 when we last posted.  yikes!

to start with, check out colby + sara’s quaint wedding.  we could say so much about this day, but suffice it to say that when two folks decide to surrender their lives to the Lord Jesus, things just line up.  with a super tight budget and a quick decision to “go for it”, we would have been stunned at how gorgeous the day turned out if we didn’t already know how beautiful this couple/ family is inside and out!

location:  torreya state park, bristol florida