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has it really been TWO WHOLE YEARS since we updated this blog!?

so much has happened in two years, so many faces have been seen through our lens, yet so many things took priority over blogging.  things like having babies, building houses, new jobs, new ventures, transitions, celebrations, and some not so happy times thrown in the mix.  still, here we are! capturing memories. documenting births and wedding days. chasing kids. rolling around in the grass to get the best perspective. and still loving every minute of it.  we sat down to try and catch up but there were just too many sessions to blog.  instead, we’d like to direct folks to our private facebook page and invite you to follow us on facebook to stay up to date with our portrait parties and availability. you can find us here:

bond creative on facebook

there are a lot of exciting things on the horizon for our clients and followers. stay tuned… you won’t be disappointed!


{veda’s birthday}

finally!  we’ve had these photos edited for quite some time, but are just now having a moment to catch up on some blogging and share this special event in the life of the causseaux/ sumner families.  kudos to crystal arnold, brooke veleber, and tanashia huff…three nurses/ doulas who did an outstanding job!  we LOVE LOVE LOVE birth photography for so many reasons and would love to capture your birth story on digital media.  contact us and let us know if you’re interested in commissioning us for your upcoming labor and delivery.


what a great day! after many years of service, our dad reported for duty as seargant at arms for the florida house of representatives for the last time. i’m sure it was bittersweet for him and for many of the men and women who have worked with him.  we can’t wait to put him to work babysitting, running errands, mowing our grass, and building amazing props for us! we love you daddy and are very proud of the legacy you leave behind.

the day could not have unfolded as hassle-free as it did without the help of the amazing staff in the seargeant’s office.  you guys (and gals) were such a blessing to us.  to the lady who vacuumed the floor behind us with your purse on your shoulder…thank you for serving!  you all are amazing!

best wishes to the incoming seargent, mr. russell hosford!

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