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{timeless treasures}

here we are again at the end of another wonderful year but terribly behind on updating this blog.  most of our marketing and sharing happens on facebook but we do want to catch our readers up on some of what we captured in 2017 before the year comes to a close.

in 2018 we have big plans for some “out of the box” offerings.  one of our favorite things to do is create photographic heirlooms for large families and in the coming year we will be planning a “timeless treasures” event specifically directed at capturing multiple generations of family members in various groupings in one sitting.  watch our facebook page for some great deals between now (black friday) and cyber monday!

{genetically speaking}



noun ( used with a singular verb )

1. biology . the science of heredity, dealing with resemblances and differences of related organisms resulting from the interaction of their genes and the environment.
when hannah and i (hilary) left the grantham home last week, we both commented on how we felt the session had gone and how we hoped we had truly captured the “sweetness” that’s all packaged up in raleigh’s little already-developing personality.  as i edited the imagery we were privileged to get, i secretly marveled at how truly amazing a newborn is and how genetics and environment play such a huge role in the outcome of a child’s disposition and appearance.  as i studied the images, i could see the same quiet reflection in raleigh’s eyes that i see in both of her parents’.  she was calm and very alert…gazing at her mommy with what seemed to be sheer admiration and already curious about her surroundings.  i think i can almost predict that she’s going to love books like her grandma linda and be super intelligent like her mom and dad.  i’m predicting, that she will have lots of opportunities to throw a baseball and shoot hoops with her daddy, plenty of tennis matches with her aunt deneen, and a few backyard flag football games with her uncle grant and cousins.  one day we may even see her sitting in her grandma nancy’s salon getting her hair fixed only to hop on her grandpa laban’s motorcycle to get it all messed up.  i can already see her crossing the finish line for her first mega-marathon with her aunt nikki and mom cheering her across the finish line!   i’ll bet she learns a lot about eating healthy and staying fit…and i think she’ll have lots of internal motivation and be very well-rounded.  i’m not prophesying…just “genetically speaking”.