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{wake josiah}

little wake josiah was born into a family of born-again Christians who thoughfully selected his name.  at a time when the world seems to be falling apart and turmoil abounds on every side, a little “watchman” has been given the breath of life.  wake is an old english-derived name which means “watchman”.   the name “josiah” is a biblical name transliterated from the hebrew word “yo’shiya” which means “whom Jehovah heals”, however in english it is sometimes said to mean “fire of the Lord.”  you can read about josiah in the book of 2 kings and 2 chronicles.  josiah became the king of judah at the age of 8 and instituted major reforms, calling the people of God to leave idol worship and serve the one true God, Jehovah.

some time back, wake’s parents and big brother commissioned us to capture some images of their family at an old church.  we took pictures of them singing and reading the bible together.   since wake wasn’t yet conceived at that time…his mommy wanted to make sure that we captured him with a special heirloom bible.  congratulations holli and sy…I know little wake will grow not only in stature, but also in the grace and knowledge of our Lord!